Bertolozzi Physical Therapy is a privately owned outpatient physical therapy practice located on Route 44 one mile west of the heart of Pleasant Valley.  This 1800 square foot facility is just minutes from Poughkeepsie, Millbrook, LaGrange, Clinton, and Hyde Park.



Melissa Bertolozzi

Melissa Bertolozzi graduated from Mercy College in 2002. She is currently pursing her Doctor Of Physical Therapy degree through Utica College. In addition to many years of experience with orthopedic conditions, she has a comprehensive background in the acute care and rehabilitation settings. Committed to learning, she has taken many courses through the University of St. Augustine and the Institute of Physical Art to advance her skills in the application of manual therapy techniques.



Why BPT?
At BPT we focus on you the individual. Your first appointment will be a comprehensive evaluation that will include a complete medical history, appropriate tests and measures, an explanation of your condition and the prognosis for Physical Therapy. This means your Physical Therapist will explain to you how Physical Therapy will help you reach your goals and how long you should expect this to take.  Additionally, you Physical therapist will incorporate specific hands on techniques along with prescriptive exercises and patient education and support to facilitate your progress.

At BPT you can expect

  • Private treatment rooms
  • 60 minute consult
  • 30-45 minute individual treatment appointments
  • Fully equipped rehabilitation gym
  • A friendly, caring and supportive staff
  • Ongoing communication and timely reports to your Physician
  • Only licensed Physical Therapists will provide your treatment.

Contact person for questions: Office manager: Jane Dubois 845-635-4555